The Role and Importance of Inventory Control

The role and importance of inventory control

Post by Munira Shabbir

Inventory control has a huge impact on a business’s success. Taking care of stocks requires planning and timely execution. Did you know that there are four types of stocks?Work-in-progressRaw MaterialFinished goodsMROThis classification applies to manufacturing companies only. Retailers and who...

The Need, History and Evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The need, history and evolution of enterprise resource planning (erp)

Post by Munira Shabbir

If you were to talk to multiple business owners about their software solutions systems and ERP integrations, you are likely to get different opinions and experiences. That is the best part about ERP, it’s customisable and caters to each businesses individual needs. Today ERP systems are still e...

The Importance of Time-Keeping in Organisational Behavior: Introducing Cloud Time Attendance System

The importance of time-keeping in organisational behavior: introducing cloud time attendance system

Post by Munira Shabbir

Time keeping is an interesting field of study in an organisation. To optimise efforts and budgets in an organisation, time-keeping gives guidelines. Time keeping or time management is the process by which a manager or employer calculates the timeline for each project. This helps understand the time ...

Points System in a Point of Sale System

Points system in a point of sale system

Post by Munira Shabbir

A point of sale system is perceived to be a payment software and just about the cashier. It is actually much more than that. A point of sale software solutions system records data and creates reports that can be used to add to the businesses marketing efforts. It can scan through customer purchase h...

Property Management Systems: The Key to Modern and Efficient Rental Businesses

Property management systems: the key to modern and efficient rental businesses

Post by Munira Shabbir

House leasing is a big decision in one’s life. Today it is very common for people with investments and properties to give out their owned houses on rent and for people to live in rented houses.It is very exciting and a thrilling part of your life. To walk up to it, prepare the house, decorate it wit...

The Risk of Cyber Theft in Software Solutions for Businesses; Is it Really a Risk After All?

The risk of cyber theft in software solutions for businesses; is it really a risk after all?

Post by Munira Shabbir

If you are trying to figure out your way around software solutions or point-of-sale systems as a business owner, then you might have come across a few warnings about cyber theft and malware. You might be wondering whether you should just ignore these warnings and focus on getting a software solution...

Cloud Based Technology Brings No Cloudy Days.

Cloud based technology brings no cloudy days.

Post by Munira Shabbir

William Hewlett, founding father of Silicon Valley says, “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”. You definitely can measure and manage your company, daily tasks, employees, clients and whatever it is that you want with Cloud Hosting. TL; DR-Example -Definition -Benefits: Personal, pro...

Digitalization and Software Solutions: Here's What You Need to Know.

Digitalization and software solutions: here's what you need to know.

Post by Munira Shabbir

Did you know that currently we are all living in what is called the mid-digital era? The mid digital era basically implies the time where companies have embraced the digital concept but haven’t fully accepted it.So what’s next you ask? The Post Digital Era, where digitalization is not a choice for a...

Show Them What They Want to See.

Show them what they want to see.

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Good businesses are good because they focus on creating a win-win situation. A win-win situation for you and your customers. How, you ask? It's simple.If a product is to be delivered, there are three parties involved. The company, the delivery executive, and finally the customer. At a single glance,...

A P. O. S System is More Than Just Point of Sale

A p. o. s system is more than just point of sale

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Traditionally, point-of-sale refers to the cash register at the store. It’s a point of purchase, where your customers checkout with their purchases. When customers are checking out from their carts online on your website or come to the checkout counter at your physical store or choose to buy from yo...