Chikitsa - Hospital / Clinic Management System

Chikitsa - Hospital / Clinic Management System

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Chikitsa is a Hospital/Clinic Management System that is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. The system has multiple user access control for all its modules. Chikitsa enables you to develop your organization and improve its e-activeness and quality of work. We have integrated Patient, Doctor, Pharmacy, Sales Invoices, Purchase Order with ERP Next. With Chikitsa, you can manage your clinic/hospital with ease and focus on your patients and provide them with the best services.

he system records all the information about patients in a systematic way. The entire history of diagnosis and treatment for each patient will be available for future reference. This way you can keep a tab on them and get to know about their allergies, age, frequency of complaints, etc easily.

Generate bills and invoices easily with tools on the system. Create discounts on the basis of patient transactions and maintain all record of it. The feature lets you add unlimited items and also print bills.

In order to keep the clinic/hospital running with complete availability of resources, the system records new patients, pending bills, sample collections and much more. This also helps in understanding if there are any defaulters or more patients than the clinic can handle.

A hospital is known for its privacy conditions and secure relationship between staff and patients. Keep the information with selective access to staff. Backup the system as and when required to ensure that the data is never lost.

A patient who is already feeling sick would love to see the doctor immediately without having to wait in long queues. Similarly, a doctor would like to see the number of patients that need to be dealt with during the day. In order to establish this, maintain appointments. Record them according to each doctor, in approximate time slots. Use the colour coding feature to know about an appointment status.

Increase the trust of patients by providing them easy payment options. Add multiple options for payment methods. Create systems for instalment as well as pending payments.

Keep your clinic up and running with easy configuration tools. Be it holidays, opening and closing timings, changes in appointments, notice for change in doctors schedule, information about drives and camps, all can be easily changed and maintained in the management system.

The system is enabled with translation options. There are preloaded languages available. Third party systems can be added to translate your own language.

Chikitsa is transparent and easy to understand and learn. There are extensive features, which might seem overwhelming, but are created with utmost user experience. Simple to use and simple to work with.

Enhance Chikitsa by customising it to your specific clinic or hospital. Choose from a wide range of extensions and customization solutions. This is a commercial support you can trust.

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