On My Way- Delivery Services and Solutions

On My Way- Delivery Services and Solutions

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On My Way is a leading go-to app for managing delivery and pickup services. It is uniquely designed to cater to restaurant deliveries, door-to-door repairs, other ecommerce deliveries and dropouts. It is one of the best delivery service application that simplifies the entire process. It is an all-in-one software that helps take care of every aspect of your operation right from taking an order to completing the delivery. On My Way comes with a range of features that help you keep a tab on riders, schedule deliveries and maintain numerous restaurants, zones, and areas all from a single screen. With features like automatic tracking and assigning tasks according to the zone and riders’ availability, On My Way is optimised to give you a reliable delivery service.

Keep real-time track of expected, in-process, and executed deliveries from a single device. Keep tabs on the delivery executives and orders and assign deliveries according to their locations and vicinity. Get accurate location of the driver in real-time and check the time and route taken.

On My Way allows you to schedule deliveries and assign drivers as per your needs. Maintain quality and time of deliveries by scheduling them ahead of time. You can also assign particular drivers for specific orders regardless of their vicinity in the area.

On My Way automatically scans the area for nearby riders and assigns the closest ones with the task. Using the software, you can also manage the area, zone, and drivers as per your choice. Assign drivers to tasks according to their vicinity to the customer and store or choose a particular delivery executive to deliver the order regardless of their proximity.

Manage who gets to do what and keep an updated track of daily driver tasks directly from your device. Assign or withhold tasks to drivers on the go and have the whole report of tasks that have been performed.

Send delivery instructions or any other necessary communication to delivery executives through push notifications right from the On My Way application.

On My Way is integrated with numerous in-app payment methods, providing you with an easy transaction experience. You can also choose to offer a cash on delivery payment option to your customers.

Manage the executives by arranging in groups and reports. Know about their work and create rewards and remunerations. Keep a tab on them and manage their duties. This is the easy and best way to optimise the delivery process.

Our Reporting feature provides you with custom-made reports that can be modified according to company, restaurant, time, and type. Stay on top of your operations and maintain an ideal business provision with precise, error-free and up-to-date reports.

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