Catering and Food Services System

Catering and Food Services System

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Say goodbye to the age-old tools and start using the latest technology in your catering and food services management. Our catering software solution is useful for caterers and food service providers. When it comes to food providers, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. If not taken care of, the business can get complex and spiral out of hand. The system will help provide quality and healthy catering to customers.

Aim to increase business productivity and bring assured returns in profits. Achieve this by keeping a constant check on food quality, pricing, packaging, menu items and consumer services.

Manage your supply chain in the business efficiently by making full use of the software. Easy to operate and look after manufacturing, sales, suppliers, and inventory management. By doing so, you will be on track of goals and time and give competition to other businesses.

Today, people pay a lot of attention to what they consume. Our system provides proper nutrition management. In hotels and restaurants, these services can enable customers to enjoy tasty as well as healthy menu. Easily access food health value information and provide value to customers.

Food packaging is very crucial as it must hold all details about the food it wraps around. Use the sticker printing feature, to print the right information about quantity, price, mentions of allergies, etc. This will also be helpful for delivery.

The software system is designed in a very flexible manner. The system is open to customization for individuals placing the order. This allows the management to take care of individual needs and make customers happy and satisfied. The waiters and staff will have all the information about the menu items through this feature.

Get food subscription benefit while using the software system. Restaurants can introduce this service to the customers. It will do all the cooking and dietary management system according to the subscription plans that you have taken for it. Then, customers can take it accordingly.

Our delivery partners make their sincere efforts to ensure timely delivery to customers. This is possible due to our sticker feature which provides correct information on the parcels.

The kitchen module is beneficial for diet and cooking management. When an order is placed, the software calculates the ingredients and time required by the chef and puts it on display. The chef can also give an estimate time for meal preparation.

This kind of system for management of hotels and catering businesses provides benefits to both customers and owners. It also helps build trust and keeps bringing the customers back. With ease in management, owners can focus more on the food variety, hotel ambience and also work on consumer feedback.

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