Dealz Ada: A solution for discounts!

Dealz Ada: A solution for discounts!

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On your online store, you'll be able to apply percentage and flat rate discounts at the product and category levels with Dealz Ada. It assists you in establishing complex pricing policies for your store and ensures that discounts do not cut into your profit margins. Dealz Ada is a software solution system that lets you specify a maximum discount choice for each discount rule you create for your business. Give discounts with Dealz Ada and boost sales smartly. Implement product discount digitally and introduce it adroitly!

Who doesn’t love a good deal anyway! Dealz Ada is a win-win software solution for your e-commerce business. Customers enjoy shopping at discounts, therefore integrating your store with our Dealz Ada software is an efficient approach to entice and engage customers and drive them to always keep a lookout for great deals.


  1. Set up discounts on specific products or categories.

  2. Set up percentages or flat rate discounts on products. You can also specify a fixed price for your products.

  3. To provide discount based on product weight, quantity or price, define rules or guidelines for the system. Increase or decrease the discount based on how many good are in order.

  4. For each product, set a maximum discount limit. This is vital in order to keep discounts under control.

  5. Keep discount options and schemes available only for a certain period of time during the day or even for a week straight. The system accepts time frames so you don’t have to make changes constantly.

  6. If a product has numerous eligible discount rules, display a pricing table on the product page. This can attract more sales as usually the more the number of products purchased, the higher the discount. 

  7. Easily set up bulk discounts for pricing based on categories.

  8. Make BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals.

  9. Make a discount offer on your store's calendar.

  10. Short codes can be used to display the available offers on your website.

  11. Please your customers by entering freebies and give aways on certain orders.

  12. Restrict coupon use based on the shipping method, payment method and user roles

  13. Supports discounts depending on product quantity and subtotal

  14. Create coupons based on products and carts

  15. Set the "earn a reward by sharing" option on certain product items or your entire store.

  16. Restrict purchases and deals based on minimum and maximum amount.

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