Ezee Buking: A smart software to manage salon and spa

Ezee Buking: A smart software to manage salon and spa

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Ezee Buking is a software solution system for saloon and spa owners. Salons and spas are all about great ambience and quality service. The only way to keep customers coming back is to ensure they have a 10/10 experience. This way through word of mouth more customers would join the spa or salon. With Ezee Buking and its features, ensure that your clients have a great experience. Schedule appointments, reserve staff, manage inventory, analyse your business and build your brand all through a single device. 

Easily manage staff schedule to increase workflow and staff productivity. Scan busy hours and low flow hours and customize the daily routine likewise. Keep the system colour coded which makes it easier to say your day at a glance.

Use Ezee Buking in order to manage your business efficiently, improve customer experience, gain new customers and maximize revenue.

Say good-bye to post-it notes, spreadsheets, paper notebooks and say hello to Ezee Buking software system. Manage your rooms and equipment’s according to availability and schedules to make sure your customers aren’t waiting for privacy. Make sure that cleanliness and hygiene of rooms, beds and towels is maintained and ready before the customer arrives.

Take online bookings and ensure that your staff is busy throughout the day. Get insight about staff that is constantly being booked and staff that is not being called for much.

Get your business performance in a single platform display. Understand key business metrics from staff sales to client retention to minimizing calendar gaps and rebooking metrics. Glance on your business insight and analytics. Make plans and decisions for your successful future.

What’s the best way to end a hectic day? What’s always a cherry on top? A visit to a salon or spa where one can unwind and feel refreshed. Create great packages and deals to ensure you gain profit but also make your customers happy.

This feature is great for owners, staff as well as customers. Send automated appointment reminders to your customers. Forward default messages to customers that haven’t visited in a while. Send reminders to your staff about inventory restock, any new equipment arrivals or maybe even about a visit from the quality control officer.

You can even open up this system to your customers and let them book their sessions through the app or website. They can book easily and seamlessly and even give you prior notice if they cancel.

Create client profiles to know your high worth clients. Create memberships to provide special discounts and packages. This will also push other customers to make purchases and get a membership.

Manage expertise, timesheets and appointments of your staff individually. Help them increase their knowledge and push them to be better at their services. Check on inventory and keep it in full stock always. Look at your budget and see where you need to expand and deflate.

When you know what’s going on in your business, compare it with your competitors and build your base. Increase client loyalty and also keep your staff happy to ensure that your business is on the run.

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